MediaLite is an online-based digital agency specializing in Web Design & Development. We strive to help those small to medium size businesses through digital solutions in order to increase credibility, business sales, and overall client base.

We are a group of young and enthusiastic individuals with a simple vision of building quality websites at an affordable cost.





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Case Studies: Web presence on small to medium size businesses

Yearly estimate: "~$1.1 trillion of overall sales are web-influenced"1

"86.6% of U.S. SMBs cite websites as the most important digital marketing tactic"2

"69% of North American marketers say dynamic, personalized content is important for their website"3

"Of the small businesses with a website, 56 percent said their website has a responsive design"4

"35 to 40 percent of the visits come from mobile devices and tablets"5

"46% of web users look towards social media when making a purchase"6

"3 in 5 SMB's say they've gained new customers by using social media"7